Delightfully Beautiful. Surprisingly Planned.

Beginning in early 2019,  discover the history of the first Postpartum Tracking app in the world.

Ideation (December 2019)

Believing there might be a single, universal tool accessible to both new and experienced parents to ensure the best postpartum experience

Discovery (April 2020)

Intellectual and individualized study for an all-inclusive, scientifically supported implementation. Progress takes listening. And action.

Publishing (October 2022)

Motherocity, the first postpartum tracking app ever created, was historically released in all major markets to establish itself as a standard of modern motherhood and postpartum wellness, joining a select group of ground-breaking innovations in the area of Global Women's Health.

SXSW- Create & Cultivate Futures Summit (March 11, 2O22)

Colliding with the world’s largest tech and innovation festival, Create & Cultivate brought together founders and entrepreneurs from the most disruptive brands as they future-casted and shared how they plan to stay ahead of the curve with Web3, cybersecurity, fintech, customer acquisition, and more.

Education (May 11, 2O23)

Female Founder Collective: Putting Moms First - Changing the Paradigm by Investing-In + Advocating For Maternal Health

DivInc Corhort 13 (September 2O23- December 2O23)

2O23 DWeb for Social Impact Tech Accelerator Cohort

WELL + GOOD Magazine | Trends 2024 (December 2023)

"The same ethos underscores other newcomers in the postpartum space, like Motherocity, a postpartum tracking application launched in 2O22 that uses daily check-ins to monitor and forecast a new mom’s physical and mental health."

Launched Maternal IQ News (January 2024)

The newest innovation from Motherocity Health – Maternal IQ News. This groundbreaking platform serves as a centralized hub for acquiring up-to-date, pertinent, and verifiable information on Maternal Health. Less Noise. More Facts.

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